ANSWK® Card Series Versatile Bluetooth 1D/2D Wearable Barcode Scanners

CARD series scanners are the most great and versatile barcode scanners, which optimize and integrate the advantages of handheld scanner, pocket scanner and wearable scanner. This series have the design of stylish appearance and rugged construction and powerful multiple functions.

  • Slim, Ultra-portable and Wearable Scanners for Versatile Applications ;
  • To enable the near instant capture of all of standard 1d and 2d barcodes;
  • Rugged design has the ability of excellent anti-drop and anti-extrusion;
  • Visualized OLED Panel of Scanner Housing for getting the clear, rich and timely information;
  • BLE5.0 enhanced transmission distance, and built-in NFC for pairing;
  • 950mAh built-in battery, 17~52 working hours and support to work under low temperature(Minus 20 degrees);
  • Flexible charging methods (Magnetic interface, Qi Wireless and Type C);
  • Multiple LEDs blink to indicate, an active buzzer and vibration inside.

Groundbreaking Design

With the increasingly complexity and personality of digitalized application scenarios, the barcodes and operators involved in the workflow are more diversified. It is not a convenient and money-saving way to deploy different barcode scanners for different tasks, and yet it is a great idea to have an unusual scanner that easily converts between these requirements anytime and companion with operators anywhere. With a groundbreaking design to strive for perfection, CARD SERIERS WearHeld Scanners can implement to easily convert among multiple functions, tasks and different applications, which all of features can understand and satisfy your needs of carry and use.

Stylish, Rugged and Versatile Apperance

Card series versatile barcode scanners have the design of stylish appearance and rugged construction and powerful multiple functions: the scanners have the same size of credit card and only 12mm thickness slim housing, which bring the familiar and comfortable grip feeling and is easy to carry and use; the durable structure design with sphericity, pillar, protective angle and middle arc protection, which bring unusual resistance to drop and extrusion as well the fast ability to combine and disassemble; the visualized OLED housing panel with buzzer and vibration, which make the operator get the clear, rich and timely information.

Excellent  Performance

Card series versatile barcode scanners adopt multiple excellent scan engines, which support the decoding of all of standard 1d and 2d barcodes, even damaged, dirty and poorly printed or on-screen. With the help of special optical cavity design close to the scan engine, it can provide the l laser spot aiming. This optical cavity can also provide specially customized illumination to enhance the performance of the engine.

With industrial grade hardware design, the core hardware adopts high-performance “System on Chip” chip, these high-quality industrial components integrate Bluetooth 5.0 and ARM CORTEX-M4F and metal shielding cover industrial quality module, which have these characteristics of high integration, strong performance, low power consumption, anti-interference and adaptability. Built-in programmed NFC chip with Bluetooth information, Card series versatile barcode scanners can implement a quick connection with device via split-second NFC close-to-pair technology.


Card Series versatile barcode scanners have multiple charging options: the TYPE-C and Magnetic quick charge, Qi inductive standard charging. Multiple charging options make it easy to keep your scanners and spare batteries charged for around-the-clock operation. Card Series versatile barcode scanners adopt built-in and replaceable BL-5B Li-ion battery, which has these features: small size, large capacity, high energy density and used low-temperature environment, support for long operating scan (48 operating time for 1d models) . In addition, the design of the battery with a handle is convenient for operator to take out the battery

Excellent Accessibility

Easily converts among multiple kinds of wearable and handheld operation, as your needs change. With Multi-Purpose Holder (MPH) accessory, you can convert the operation modes of CARD Scanners freely in seconds among wearing on the back of the hand, wearing on the back of the finger, holding with strap, holding in one hand. With the quality accessories, you can wear CARD scanners on the belt, waist, chest, wrist, arm and take CARD scanners off from these positions in seconds, or put CARD scanners into your pocket freely. With the help of six different touch interfaces, CARD Scanners can complete the comfortable trigger scanning and barcode decoding under different situations. At the same time, CARD Scanners support the change among different trigger positions① in consideration of long-term operation Ergonomics.


Card Series versatile barcode scanners adopt the “building blocks” design, which most of spare parts are independent and can be replaced in operation, some of them can be washed if dirty. This design not only ensure that the scanner can be shared among operators, but also the spare parts are similar with “consumables “and can be replaced to reduce costs and meet the requirements of health and reuse. Applications: commerce, warehousing, logistics, service, consumption, manufacturing