ANSWK® RS10 Bluetooth 2D Wearable Ring Barcode Scanner

RS10 series are Bluetooth wearable ring barcode scanners, which has two versions: RS10-B01 1D laser scanner and RS10-B02 2D Imager scanner. RS10 can enables the near instant capture of all of standard 1d or 2d barcodes.

As a single wearable barcode scanner, it provides the hands-free scanning your workforce needs to maximize productivity. Moreover, it can be fitted with desktop computer, mobile phone, etc. Its features are as below:

  • Lightweight and small size (Only 38g with battery, suitable to one finger);
  • BLE4.0 enhanced transmission distance, roaming up to 20m;
  • 2.4G USB Adapter Wireless transmission;
  • 500mAh built-in battery;
  • Multiple LEDs blink to indicate.
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Ultimate Performance

RS10 wearable barcode scanner adopts the high-performance Bluetooth 4.0 chip, which has more ultimate performance of easy connection, low power consumption, faster and more stable data transfer, etc. RS10 provides the wireless hands-free scanning to avoid the distraction from the cable. Workers can experience the faster, secure and more comfortable scanning, so it is better for productivity improvement.

Fast and Accurate Data Capture  

RS10 Series use 1d laser scan engine and 2d imager scan engine, which both of two models can enable the capture of all of  standard 1d and 2d barcodes, even damaged, dirty and poorly printed or on-screen 1D and 2D barcodes.


Powerful Functions

RS10 wearable barcode scanner chooses from visual LED lights and/or an audible beeper to provide verification of a successful scan.

Superior Ergonomics Design

With superior ergonomic and lightweigh design, workers can easily use it that virtually no training is required. workers can simply swap from right to left hand configuration, and the finger strap buckle of RS10 is both easy to operate and low-profile to prevent interference between fingers.  All of these designs offers always at-hand wearable scanning to improve workflow productivity.

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System Support and Applications

RS50 wearable barcode scanner supports the phone or tablets with Harmony, Android, iOS, Win OS, etc.

  • Order Commissioning (Picking by Scan/Voice)
  • Manufacture (Inventory management, Assembly and Verification)
  • Warehouse/Distribution (Picking, Sorting, Packing, etc.)
  • Transportation/Logistics (Sortation, Truck loading, Shipping and Receiving)
  • Retail (Price mark down, Inventory in store)
  • Express Delivery
  • Product identification
Performance Characteristics
Optical Resolution: RS50-BLA:640*480 pixels
RS50-BSE:1280*960 pixel
Aiming Element: RS50-BLA: Red Laser
RS50-BSE: Green LED
Illumination Element : 1 Warm-White LED
Field of View: Horizontal: 44.5°, Vertical: 33.5°
Roll: 360°
Pitch: ±60°
Skew: ±60°
Ambient Light Immunity: Max 107,639 lux (direct sunlight)
1D CODES all standard 1D codes including GS1 DataBar™ linear codes.
2D CODES all standard 2D codes including China Han Xin Code, Aztec Code; Aztec Mesas; Data Matrix; QR Code, Micro QR Code, etc.
Composite Composite CC-A, CC-B, CC-C, TLC- 39
OCR OCR-A, OCR-B, US Currency MICR, Serial Number
User Interface
LED: 2 RGB LEDs located at the top side of the device (programmable)
Beeper: Up to 85 dB @ 10 cm
Restore Key: User accessible for emergency shutdown
Button Trigger: Manual ambidextrous trigger
Touch Trigger: (Optional)
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions:  2.01 in. L x 1.38 in. W x 0.71 in. D/51 mm L x 35 mm W x 18 mm D  (1.67 in./42.5 mm H with trigger)
Weight:  1.94 oz./55 g
Battery: 650 mAh Li-ion battery
Class 1 and 2, BLE 5.0 Supporting profiles: Human Interface Device Profile (HID), GATT General Profile, Battery Service (BAS)
User Environment
Operating Temp.: 32° F to 113° F/0° C to 45°
Storage Temp.: 14° F to 113° F/-10° C to 45° C
Humidity: 5% – 95% non condensing
Drop Spec.: Multiple 6 ft./1.8 m drops to concrete
Tumble Spec. : 1,000 1.64 ft./0.5 m tumbles
Vibration: Sine 5-2000Hz, 4g peak, 1 hour per axis; Random 20-2000Hz, 6g RMS or 0.04g2/Hz, 1 hour per axis
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD): ±15kVdc air discharge; ±8kVdc contact discharge
Decode Range
Symbology: Near/Far
Code 39:5 mil: 2.4 in./6.1 cm to 9.5 in./24.1 cm
Code 128:5 mil:  2.8 in./7.1 cm to 9.0 in./22.9 cm
PDF417:6.67mil: 2.4 in./6.1 cm to 8.0 in./20.3 cm
UPCA:100%: 1.8 in./4.6 cm to19.5 in./49.5 cm
QR Code: 20mil:1.2 in./3.0 cm to 14.0 in./35.6 cm 6.67mil:2.4 in./6.1 cm to 8.0 in./20.3 cm
DataMatrix:10mil: 2.9 in./7.4 cm to 8.5 in./21.6cm
QR Code:20mil: 1.2 in./3.0 cm to 14.0 in./35.6 cm
Symbology: Near/Far
Code 39: 5 mil: 1.2 in./3.0 cm to 6.3 in./16.0 cm
Code 128: 5 mil: 1.2 in./3.0 cm to 6.7 in./17.0 cm
PDF417: 5 mil: 1.2 in./3.0 cm to 4.7 in./12.0 cm
UPCA:100%: 1.6 in./4.0 cm to 11.4 in./29.0 cm
DataMatrix: 10mil:0.8 in./2.0 cm to 3.9 in./10.0cm
QR Code: 20mil:  1.2 in./3.0 cm to 8.3 in./21.0 cm
Peripherals and Accessories USB magnet charging cable; spare triggermounts

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