ANSWK® RS51 Wired 2D Wearable Finger Barcode Scanner

RS51 is 2D Bluetooth wearable finger scanner, which has lightweight, only 20g and superior ergonomic design. With excellent 2D scanning performance, it can decode all of standard 1d and 2d barcode, even damaged, dirty and poorly printed or on-screen 1D and 2D barcodes.

As a single finger wearable barcode scanner, it can be worn on your right or left hand for operation, it provides the hands-free scanning your workforce needs to maximize productivity. It streamlines the workflow for a wide range of applications, such as retail, pharmacy, transportation and warehouse. It can be compatible with any mobile device, such as tablet, mobile phone, etc. The standard version is used for Type C device, but any port can be provided according to your requirement.

Superior Ergonomics Design

RS51 type C wired wearable barcode scanner has ergonomic, smart and lightweight design of the scanner piece mounted on the finger which provides user with superior comfort and satisfaction. In addition, the simple combination between RS51 wearable scanner and phone or tablets provides the optimal wearable hands-free scanning solution in high user productivity.

Excellent Scanning Performance

This wearable barcode scanner incorporates the ultra-slim area-imaging engine for aggressive, omnidirectional 1D and 2D barcode scanning,  so it can quickly decode all standard barcode of 1D and 2D, even damaged, dirty and poorly printed or on-screen 1D and 2D barcodes.

Flexible and Customizable Interfaces

RS51 with USB Type-C port design efficiently fits with all Type-C port phones or tablets.  In addition, this wearable scanner also accept the requirement of customizable interfaces, such as USB, RS232, etc.

Multiple Notifications  

RS50 wearable barcode scanner chooses from visual LED lights and/or an audible beeper to provide verification of a successful scan. The green light is aiming light source for scanning and the soft white light is secondary light source, which brings the comfortable and convenient experience.

Tiny and Durable

RS51 only has 22g weight and so small dimension. Furthermore, it has an IP42 rating for dust and water resistance as well as a 1.5 meter drop spec that provides superior durability and reliability.