ANSWK® T908 2D Enterprise Industial Tablet Computers

Answk T908 rugged tablet is a type of tablet computer that is designed to withstand harsh environments and rugged conditions, such as extreme temperatures, dust, water, and drops. The term “2D” refers to the two-dimensional barcode scanner that is often built into the tablet, allowing users to quickly scan barcodes and QR codes for inventory management, asset tracking, and other applications.
• Support for Android 9.0 or Windows 10.0 system
• Support GPS, more accurate positioning
• 8500mAh battery, 6-8 hours of machine endurance
• IP67 high protection level, in accordance with MIL-STD-810G
• Support 1D/2D, NFC and other functional modules for free
• Rear 13 million pixel auto focus camera, easy to collect image
and video information
• Integrated 3G/4G all network communication, WiFi, Bluetooth
and other communication modes

Answk T908 rugged tablets typically have reinforced frames, protective casing, and durable screens that can withstand exposure to the elements and accidental drops. They may also have longer battery life and enhanced connectivity options, such as GPS and cellular data, to support outdoor and field work.

2D rugged tablets are commonly used in industries such as logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail, where mobile devices need to withstand harsh conditions and frequent use.