Who is Answk

Founded in 2010, Answk is a leading provider of automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) devices and solutions. In AIDC industry, Answk has established and integrated several main businesses divisions: Answk, Swiftautoid and Poscodes.

  • Answk is mainly specialized in the designing and production of ANSWK®  barcode scanning and mobile computing (including RFID solutions).
  • Swiftautoid is mainly specialized in the designing and production of SWIFTAUTOID® laser scanning, label printing and peripheral accessories.
  • Poscodes mainly focuses on the sales of barcode scanners, handheld mobile computers, label printers, point-of-sale hardware, supplies and accessories, which are made by top brands like Symbol, Zebra, Motorola, Honeywell and Datalogic.


As a full AIDC devices provider, Answk will constantly research and develop new creative products and solutions every year. Meanwhile, Answk also involves in other business areas, such as: international trade, R&D, OEM&ODM service and industrial investment, etc.


Our investment mainly focuses on technology innovative and green industry. In 2013, Answk invested in innovative wearable scanning solution and became one of the earliest of wearable scanning provider in China. In 2015, Answk invested in metal material factory for daily use. In 2017, Answk invested in green dust removing filter cartridge factory with independent innovating and manufacturing ability.

Our Mission

Answk will continue working to develop more green and innovative products and provide superior service to our customers. Answk hopes that we can build the good relationship with our environment and bring more value to the world.