Answk handheld barcode scanners are the go-to solution for businesses aiming to elevate their day-to-day barcode reading tasks. Crafted for versatility, our handheld scanners seamlessly integrate into diverse environments, such as point of sale, inventory and asset tracking, library, tool crib, back office, and access control applications.

Employing excellent 2d scan engines, the handheld barcode scanners ensure quick and accurate barcode reading, even with damaged codes. With cutting-edge Bluetooth® technology, they effortlessly plug and play into existing IT systems, minimizing downtime.

Empower your employees with high-functionality scanners, enhancing customer service and streamlining tasks from inventory management to check-in. Benefit from long-lasting battery life and gain actionable insights from customer data. These scanners provide a suite of options to meet your business needs, whether you seek a battery-free, cordless, or corded solution.