P800 Rugged Mobile Computer

P800 Rugged Mobile Computer mark a new frontier in enterprise technology, fusing cutting-edge features with unwavering durability. These devices are purpose-built to thrive in the most challenging work environments, delivering high scanning performance, extended battery life.

  • High Scanning Performance with industry-leading 2D scan engines.
  • Long-lasting Battery Life with fast charging options.
  • Thin and Durable Design for rugged environments.
  • Comprehensive Upgrade with Android 9.0 OS, Octa-core CPU, and Bluetooth 5.0.
  • Depth Optimization of Scanning for accurate barcode and QR code reading.
  • P800-R20 includes Superior UHF RFID capabilities and a Circular Polarized 4dBi Antenna for extended scanning distances.

In the ever-evolving landscape of enterprise technology, rugged mobile computers play a pivotal role in ensuring productivity and efficiency, especially in challenging environments. The ANSWK® P800 Series Rugged Mobile Computer, comprising two models, the P800-F20 and P800-R20, sets a new benchmark for rugged mobile computing, boasting a comprehensive array of features designed to meet the most demanding enterprise needs. The P800 Series encompasses two remarkable models, the P800-F20 and P800-R20, both sharing a core set of features that define their excellence.

Thin and Durable Design

Combining sleek aesthetics with rugged durability, both of P800 Rugged Mobile Computer models offer slim and ergonomic designs, capable of withstanding harsh conditions.

Long-lasting Battery Life

The P800 Series Rugged Mobile Computer ensures uninterrupted productivity with its high-capacity batteries. P800-F20 uses a 5000mAh battery with 18W fast-charging support, while the P800-R20 boasts an industry-leading 10,000mAh capacity. It’s tailor-made for high-intensity data acquisition, ensuring that it can quickly replenish power during working intervals, even in all-weather, high-intensity continuous work.

High Scanning Performance

Equipped with industry-leading 2D scan engines, these devices accurately and rapidly decode various barcodes and QR codes, from pristine labels to those with defacement or displayed on screens.

Comprehensive Upgrade

Featuring an Enterprise-Class Android 9.0 OS(can upgrade), Octa-core CPUs, upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, and support for multiple concurrent Bluetooth connections, these devices are poised for unparalleled performance.

P800-R20 Rugged Mobile Computer: RFID Mastery

The P800-R20 takes rugged mobility to the next level with its superior UHF RFID capabilities. Equipped with the industry’s top Impinj Indy R2000 chip, it offers remarkable stability and excels in multi-label identification. The device also supports a circular-polarized 4dBi antenna, enabling wide scanning ranges and reading distances greater than 12 meters. This makes practical scanning and reading applications more flexible, accurate, efficient, and convenient, setting a new standard in RFID technology.

Control and Comfort in One Grip

The P800-R20 is equipped with an ergonomic handgrip designed to elevate RFID tasks. This dedicated feature offers precise control and comfort, ensuring efficient and confident performance, even in demanding conditions.

ANSWK® P800 Series Rugged Mobile Computers represent a revolution in rugged mobility. These devices, whether it’s the high-powered P800-F20 or the RFID mastery of the P800-R20, cater to a wide spectrum of enterprise needs. With top-tier scanning performance, enduring battery life, sleek yet rugged designs, and depth-optimized scanning, these mobile computers empower businesses to thrive in demanding environments. In the realm of rugged mobile computing, the P800 Series stands as a testament to excellence, revolutionizing the way enterprises operate in the field.