Card Bluetooth Versatile Barcode Scanner with Lanyard

Card Bluetooth Scanner with Lanyard – a brilliant fusion of intelligence, sleekness, durability, and cutting-edge technology. It is meticulously designed to excel in various environments, delivering unparalleled performance and convenience.

  • Slim, Ultra-portable and Wearable Scanners for Versatile Applications ;
  • To enable the near instant capture of all of standard 1d and 2d barcodes;
  • Rugged design has the ability of excellent anti-drop and anti-extrusion;
  • BLE5.0 enhanced transmission distance, and built-in NFC for pairing;
  • 950mAh battery, 17-52 hour runtime, and low-temp (-20°C) support;
  • Flexible charging methods (Magnetic interface, Qi Wireless and Type C);
  • Multiple LEDs blink to indicate, an active buzzer and vibration inside.

In our fast-paced world, where efficiency and convenience rule. Industries like retail and warehousing are always on the lookout for smart solutions, that’s where Answk steps in, introducing our new scanners: Answk Card Bluetooth Scanner with Lanyard. This smart device not only makes scanning better but also combines style with practicality, offering loads of features that redefine hands-free scanning.

Balance between Appearance and Practicality

What makes the Answk Card Bluetooth Scanner with Lanyard special is its mix of looks and usefulness. With its sleek design, polished finish, and attention to detail, it fits right into any professional setting. This scanner with lanyard is not just a tool; this solution is a sign of class that moves easily from the meeting room to the shop floor.

Power Meets Toughness of Card Bluetooth Scanner

With the powerful 2D scanning engine, Card Blutooth Scanner reads both 1D and 2D barcodes with precision, specially for QR code or Data Matrix, etc., even in tough conditions. The tough build means it stays reliable, ready for action wherever and whenever.

Easy to Carry, Easy to Wear

Small and handy, Card Bluetooth Scanner with Lanyard fits anywhere at work. But here’s the genius part: you can wear it too. The lanyard turns it into a hands-free accessory, hanging comfortably around your neck. You’re free to do more while scanning on the go.

Stay Connected and Streamlined

With Bluetooth 5.0 (GATT, HID, etc.), Card Bluetooth Scannet with Lanyard connects smoothly to your phone, tablet, or computer. No tangled cords, it is just easy to set up. This wireless connection becomes part of your work, making things flow better.

Card Bluetooth Scanner Adaptable to Your Needs

From store checkouts to warehouse tracking,it does it all. It reads traditional barcodes, QR codes, and more. It’s like having a tool belt for scanning, fitting all kinds of jobs.

Better Efficiency, Happier Customers

This scanner isn’t just about scanning; it’s about working better and pleasing customers. With hands free, you can multitask and keep things accurate. Plus, scanning QR codes opens doors to cool marketing and great customer interactions.

Answk Bluetooth Card Scanner with Lanyard is all about merging style and function. It brings together great looks and smart tech, ready to make your work life smoother. With each scan, Answk takes steps to make things more convenient, productive, and engaging.