ANSWK® HF700 Wired 2D Hands-free Desktop Barcode Scanner

HF700 is 2D wired desktop barcode scanner, which enables the near instant capture of all of standard 1d and 2d barcodes.

– Wide field-of-view, Omni-directional scanning capability.
– 300,000 pixels global shutter, with great speed and precision.
– Fast decoding speeds at 120 FPS/s.
– Minimum resolution: 4 mils (3mils supports customization.)
– Easily read the paper, plastic, mobile phones, LCD displays, etc., and even high-precision, wrinkled, damaged, or poorly printed barcodes.
– Bright red LEDs for illuminating scanning surfaces.
– Read all mainstream 1D&2D barcodes.
– The ideal option for rapid work.