Card Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Card Bluetooth Barcode Scanner is the most great and versatile barcode scanner, which optimize and integrate the advantages of handheld scanner, pocket scanner and wearable scanner.

  • Slim, Ultra-portable and Wearable Scanners for Versatile Applications ;
  • To enable the near instant capture of all of standard 1d and 2d barcodes;
  • Rugged design has the ability of excellent anti-drop and anti-extrusion;
  • Visualized OLED Panel for getting the clear, rich and timely information;
  • BLE5.0 enhanced transmission distance, and built-in NFC for pairing;
  • 950mAh battery, 17-52 hour runtime, and low-temp (-20°C) support;
  • Flexible charging methods (Magnetic interface, Qi Wireless and Type C);
  • Multiple LEDs blink to indicate, an active buzzer and vibration inside.

In the fast-paced world of retail, logistics, and various industries, the need for efficient and adaptable barcode scanning solutions has never been more critical. Enter the ANSWK® 2D Card Versatile Bluetooth Barcode Scanner, a revolutionary device that optimizes and integrates the advantages of handheld, pocket, and wearable scanners. In this article, we explore the versatile capabilities and cutting-edge features that set this scanner apart in the realm of Bluetooth barcode scanners.

Card Series: Elegance meets Functionality

The Card Series is a testament to the perfect fusion of form and function. With its stylish appearance and rugged construction, it is designed to excel in various application scenarios. Its slim and ultra-portable design, along with the option for wearability, makes it an ideal choice for professionals on the move.

Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Instant Barcode Capture: 1D and 2D Compatibility

This versatile Bluetooth barcode scanner can be integrated with various high-performance scanning engines, such as Zebra and Honeywell, which can be usedensures near-instant capture of all standard 1D and 2D barcodes. Whether you are scanning product labels, shipping codes, or inventory tags, it offers precision and speed that streamlines your workflow.

Built to Last: Rugged Design

The Card Series is built to endure the challenges of demanding environments. This scanner use the design similar to the strength and rigidity of the sphere structure, the scanner has the ability of unusual anti-drop and anti-extrusion. Its rugged design provides excellent anti-drop and anti-extrusion capabilities, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of daily use without compromising performance.

Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Clear Information at Your Fingertips: Visualized OLED Panel

With a visualized OLED panel integrated into the scanner housing, users can access clear, rich, and timely information on the device itself. This feature enhances user interaction and ensures that data is readily available when needed.

Enhanced Connectivity: BLE5.0 and NFC

Bluetooth 5.0 technology ensures an extended transmission distance, making it even more versatile in various operational settings. The built-in NFC capability simplifies the pairing process, reducing setup time and enhancing connectivity. Optimized circuit hardware architecture with a metal shielding cover and the support of millimeter-level high-capacity capacitors.

Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Power for the Long Haul: Extended Battery Life

The Card Series is equipped with a robust 950mAh built-in battery, providing an impressive 17 to 52 hours of working time on a single charge. Moreover, it is designed to operate efficiently in low-temperature environments, withstanding temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees.  This built-in battery can be replaced, and operators can also use a backup battery for replacement.

Versatile Charging: Magnetic, Qi Wireless, and Type C

Charging convenience is paramount, and the Card Series offers flexibility with multiple charging methods. It can be charged via a magnetic interface, Qi wireless charging, or Type C, ensuring that it’s always ready for action.  Different charging positions and modes meet the different requirements and operating methods

Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Multi-Mode Feedback: LEDs, Buzzer, and Vibration

The Card Series bluetooth barcode scanner takes user feedback to the next level with multiple indicators. Multiple LEDs blink to indicate status, an active buzzer provides audio cues, and a built-in vibration function ensures that users are aware of scan results, even in noisy environments.

Various Wearable and Integrated Solutions

This Bluetooth barcode scanner offers unparalleled adaptability. It can be worn around the neck, on the arms, or attached to a belt using a lanyard. Additionally, it can be paired with specialized gloves to function as a wearable glove scanner or integrated into a phone protection case, creating an all-in-one scanning solution.

Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

The ANSWK® 2D Card Versatile Bluetooth Barcode Scanner redefines barcode scanning with its versatility, ruggedness, and innovative design. It’s a powerful tool that adapts to various scenarios, ensuring efficient data capture in any environment. Elevate your barcode scanning capabilities with the Card Series and experience a new level of efficiency and convenience in your daily operations.