HF800 Presentation Barcode Scanner

HF800 Presentation Barcode Scanner is a sleek, durable device that offers superior scanning performance of 1d and 2d barcode in various environments, even on challenging substrates like paper, plastic, mobile phones, LCD displays, and wrinkled, damaged, or poorly printed barcodes.

  • Wide field-of-view, Omni-directional scanning capability.
  • 1 000,000 pixels global shutter, with great speed and precision.
  • Motion Tolerance:2M/S.
  • Minimum resolution: 4 mils (3mils supports customization.)
  •  Easily read the paper, plastic, mobile phones, LCD displays, etc., and even high-precision, wrinkled, damaged, or poorly printed barcodes.
  • Bright red LEDs for illuminating scanning surfaces.
  • Read all mainstream 1D&2D barcodes.

ANSWK® HF800 1D/2D Presentation Scanner stands out with its stylish and durable design. Crafted with precision, its appearance complements any setting, ensuring a seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Versatile Performance

Engineered to deliver high-quality services across various scenarios, HF800 Presentation Barcode Scanner boasts seconds of motion tolerance and a broad reading angle. This versatility enables it to effortlessly handle a spectrum of high-speed scanning operations with ease.

Presentation Barcode Scanner
Presentation Barcode Scanner

Embedded Shell Design

The scanner’s embedded shell design enhances convenience by facilitating easy connection to countertops or surfaces. This thoughtful feature adds a layer of practicality to its sophisticated design, ensuring seamless integration into diverse environments.

Clear Scanning Prompts

Navigating noisy environments is no challenge for HF800 Presentation Barcode Scanner. Equipped with a clear scanning prompt tone and LED indication, it provides accurate prompts, ensuring users stay informed even in bustling surroundings.

Presentation Barcode Scanner
Presentation Barcode Scanner

Cutting-Edge Light Source

The HF800 incorporates a top-tier LED red light, sourced from Germany. This advanced light source contributes to the scanner’s exceptional performance, adding an extra layer of reliability to its capabilities.

High-Resolution Imaging

With a powerful image sensor boasting 1280×800 pixels and a Global Shutter, the HF800 achieves impressive scanning resolutions. At 0.102mm/4mils, it ensures clarity and precision in decoding barcodes.

Presentation Barcode Scanner
Presentation Barcode Scanner

Motion Mastery

Boasting a motion tolerance of 2M/S, the HF800 is designed for swift and efficient scanning operations. Its ability to handle rapid movements adds to its efficiency, making it an ideal choice for dynamic scanning needs.

Comprehensive Field of View

The scanner offers a generous image field of view with a horizontal angle of 50° and a vertical angle of 38°. This wide perspective ensures comprehensive coverage, capturing barcodes from various orientations.

Presentation Barcode Scanner
Presentation Barcode Scanner

Dynamic Reading Angles

Adapting to diverse scanning requirements, the HF800 provides flexibility with reading angles. Pitch (0-360°), Roll (Tilt, ±60°), and Skew (Yaw, ±65°) angles contribute to its adaptability in accommodating different barcode placements.

The ANSWK® HF800 Presentation Scanner redefines scanning experiences with its blend of aesthetics, advanced features, and adaptability. From its exquisite craftsmanship to cutting-edge technology, it stands as a testament to ANSWK’s commitment to excellence in the realm of barcode scanning solutions.