RS10 Wearable 2D Finger Scanner

RS10 Bluetooth 2D Wearable Finger Scanner redefines barcode scanning with its advanced technology and user-centric design. Weighing just 38g with the battery, it offers hands-free operation for enhanced efficiency on a single finger.

  • Wearable Convenience: Lightweight design ensures comfortable single-finger wear.
  • Wireless Connectivity: BLE4.0 technology enables a seamless 20-meter transmission range.
  • Versatile Options: Includes a 2.4G USB adapter for flexible wireless connections.
  • Long-lasting Power: Built-in 500mAh battery ensures extended usage.
  • Intuitive Indicators: Multiple LEDs offer real-time scanning status updates.
  • Budget-Friendly: Combines affordability with exceptional performance.

The RS10 Bluetooth 2D Wearable Finger Scanner is a lightweight, high-performance scanning device designed for hands-free barcode scanning. Weighing only 38g with battery, it offers exceptional convenience and efficiency through its single-finger wearable design. With BLE4.0 technology, it ensures seamless wireless connectivity up to 20 meters, complemented by the option of a 2.4G USB adapter for versatile connection options. The scanner’s built-in 500mAh battery ensures extended usage, while multiple LED indicators provide real-time status updates. This innovative and budget-friendly finger scanner redefines productivity in barcode scanning, merging affordability with advanced technology for optimized workplace performance.

Unleash Hands-Free Freedom

Breaking free from the constraints of traditional scanners, ANSWK RS10 Bluetooth 2D Finger Scanner introduces a new era of hands-free operation. Designed to be worn on a single finger, this compact marvel weighs merely 38g, including the battery. It becomes an extension of the user, providing unparalleled mobility and eliminating the need for manual handling.

Wireless Connectivity at Your Fingertips

Whether it’s wireless Bluetooth or 2.4G transmission, the ANSWK RS10 Finger Scanner ensures seamless connectivity. Equipped with BLE4.0 technology, it offers an extended transmission range of up to 20 meters, empowering users to navigate their workspaces effortlessly. Additionally, the scanner includes a 2.4G USB adapter, providing versatile connectivity options to suit individual preferences.

Power and Precision Unleashed

ANSWK RS10 Finger Scanner houses a built-in 500mAh battery, ensuring prolonged operation without interruptions. Its lightweight and ergonomic design further enhance the user experience during extended use. The scanner’s proficiency in decoding 2D barcodes adds a layer of precision, making it an indispensable tool for various industries.

Effortless Scanning, Simplified Status

Multiple LEDs on the ANSWK RS10 finger scanner provide intuitive status indications during scanning, enhancing user comprehension and efficiency. The scanner’s performance aligns with modern demands for quick, accurate data capture, translating into streamlined operations and improved decision-making.

Affordable Excellence

Affordability and excellence converge in the ANSWK RS10 finger scanner. This powerful tool redefines the value proposition, offering top-tier features without the premium price tag. Whether you’re managing inventory, tracking shipments, or enhancing customer service, the ANSWK RS10 presents a budget-friendly yet effective solution.

ANSWK RS10 Bluetooth 2D Ring Barcode Scanner transcends the boundaries of traditional scanning, blending technology and usability seamlessly. With its lightweight design, wireless capabilities, and enhanced precision, it transforms the way businesses interact with barcodes. Whether you’re a retail professional, warehouse manager, or healthcare provider, the ANSWK RS10 is a companion for efficiency, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. Experience the future of barcode scanning with ANSWK RS10 and unlock a new realm of possibilities for your operations.